New Vertical

To make sustainable high-quality products accessible we need to think different. Our business is one of direct to consumer, or simply put; no middleman, no wholesale. Why? Because this is how we create a better product for a much more accessible price. This way everyone gets a bigger piece of the pie... or donut in this case ッ

The Production

Sustainable craftsmanship comes at a price and this price should always be fair. Raw materials, ethical production and of course packing and shipping. Unfortunately as obvious as it sounds, the outcome is often far from fair because let's be honest, who really knows the true cost of the products we buy every day?

The Product

Making a collection, running our online store, packing and sending out your purchases and of course invest in innovation and technology for better, more circulair, and longer lasting products. These are the costs that make up the final price, it's as simple as that. Clear, transparent, and fair for all.

The Breakdown

As we always say, the true cost of our product is simply your right to know. We do not hold any secrets and we're open about what we earn because a fair price is something we all benefit from.

Sharing = Progress

We are transparent in each and every aspect of our business because we truly believe sharing knowledge will accelerate progress and will lead to great things. Because after all, we're only a tiny company from the Netherlands, we're not going to turn this massive industry around just by ourselves.