Serious about people, serious about quality

The products we wear every day and make us feel good are not just made by some factory somewhere in the world. Those products are made by real people, with care and craftsmanship. We are proud of every product we sell and therefore proud of the people that make them.


Portugal? Of course Portugal! We have a long history with Portugal, because way before we started Little Basics we were already roaming Portugal's beautiful countryside to find the best factories. And now, when getting into children's apparel it certainly does not disappoint. We work with great factories in the Barcelos region and together we are testing the circular fibers and fabrics and transforming them into future-proof kids wear. We are proud to work with these GOTS-certified factories and hope to launch our first product range by the end of this year.  


Bangladesh? Yes, Bangladesh!
And yes we know, Bangladesh has plenty of bad factories and we all remember Rana Plaza. But by saying that we should not overlook the factories that raise the standard in a country with such a rich textile history. Over the last 5 decades we have all used the resources of this colourful country yet without awareness of how the products we used were being made. Therefor alone we should not walk away from countries like Bangladesh, we have a responsibility to help raise the standard and make it right for all. Our factories are highly advanced and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified, guaranteeing the highest standard in organic quality, ethical production and social responsibility.

The process

A high quality product, sustainable, ethical and fair. These are the ground rules for our partnerships and the building blocks for our production process. What we do is not a secret, we believe in radical transparency by showing you the journey from product to consumer because it is simply your right to know!

The extra mile

Outside better factories and working conditions our partners are constantly investing in new projects such as Fair-priced Grocery Shops to directly increase workers’ spending power and to improve their livelihoods and more local projects focussed on the community of the factory workers. Find out more here

Do it right

Instead of reinventing the wheel, we chose to look for the best leisure wear supplier out there. Because a lot of over-production in fashion is the result of product tryouts gone wrong. Partnering up with stanley/stella is a consious choice, their dedication to a sustainable product, ethical production and taking social responsibility is something we're truly proud of.