Make it easy

Today's choice is what shapes the future. We believe the fashion industry has a responsibility to make this an easy and sustainable choice.

Our concept goes against decades of traditional 'fashion thinking' creating a new standard where circular fashion will become affordable and available for the majority of society.

We're on a mission

Changing an industry doesn’t happen overnight. We know that our impact is only a fraction of what's needed, so we simply hope that our efforts will inspire others. Start small, think big, because innovation is what will turn this industry around. Together we create a better industry, one with a holistic approach where we share our knowledge and take responsibility.

Our promise

We will challenge the status quo in each aspect of our business, whether it’s the garment we design, the operational processes we are in or the way we sell our products. We will supply the best sustainable basics without compromise and by doing so, we will reduce and balance out our footprint in every part of our chain.


We are proud of what we have achieved yet far of where want to be. We challenge ourselves every day, because a sustainable fashion brand, for now, is still a utopia.

Through innovation and smart technology we have made incredible progress. Our fabrics are heavily tested on durability and are now doubling the lifespan of each garment. We are working on innovative designs that are able to grow and expand. And by the end of 2023 we will start production with the world's first circulair fibre. It's a long and bumpy road but we are getting closer every day.